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Jacob Hyder MSW, RSW, Registered Social Worker offering remote Psychotherapy (focusing on University/College students, and families suffering from addiction), EMDR and in agency or private Clinical Supervision (for CRPO applicants)

Students counseling

Is it a case of "procrastination blues", or true depression?

The most difficult time of your life can be the most rewarding

I’ve helped students for 20 years cope with common fears and concerns, and I can borrow from thousands of past counselling experiences with students' coping mechanisms throughout my career and lend them to you. In addition to offering supportive counselling with depression, anxiety and self esteem issues, we can also explore cognitive behavioural therapy exercises and interventions to drastically change thought patterns that lead to negative emotions. I guarantee you will find relief. I will help you develop a self-care plan that is idiosyncratic and meets your specific needs. For instance, with depression and anxiety, conserving energy and finding ways to do so throughout the day is the first task.

It’s common to have feelings of anxiety, depression, guilt, grief, and low self-esteem at various times during your college or university degree. Psychotherapy can help at times to make sure you keep on track during tough times. I will use a mostly cognitive behavioural therapy approach to exercises and other therapeutic tools and interventions that I’ll give you along the way to maximize our in session accomplishments and goals.

Students cope with multiple changes at a pivotal developmental period: becoming an adult with all its expectations burnened upon them. Along with that, people can suffer doubts about their abilities, leading to issues with self-esteem and confidence which in turn leads to stress, anxiety and burnout, which in extreme cases can become depression. In addition, some of my clients in university or college have had bouts of depression or anxiety and issues with esteem in their adolescence and have a depressive or anxiety disorder. Through my years of experience counselling and supporting students throughout their post secondary careers, I will help you take advantage of the most important time of your life!

Common worries affecting students
  1. Leaving home, having to fit in with new peers, hoping to make lifelong friends.
  2. Coping constantly with new and irrational fears about sources of income and wasting your investment or not.
  3. Fear you won’t succeed and the worry that when you do, you won’t be able to handle the responsibilities once you’re there.
  4. Pressure of knowing and understanding your identity, career path, relationships, and even looking for a life long mate.
  5. Most importantly, balancing your work, studying and social time while maintaining a calm and peaceful relationship with yourself.
  6. Eliminating procrastination while maintaining good self-care.
  7. Balancing everything while rationing finances.
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